Xen 4.0.*.rc* packager for Ubuntu

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This is an attempt to make simplest possible Ubuntu packager for releases in xen-4.0-testing.hg repository. This is to be able to enjoy latest xen-testing releases while using debian package upgrades for both Xen-hypervisor and xen-kernels.

During the new year holidays a I made a new version of my Xen packager for Ubuntu. No big changes in resulting packages, mostly cleanup and consolidation. Major changes from the previous version:

  • Patches documented and adapted with conditional expansion to be hopefully included upstream. One patch backported from xen-devel and one old replaced by Debian Xen4.0 source version.
  • Debian source format raised to ‘3.0 (quilt)’
  • Everything needed is consolidated in one debian/* tree and can be run from there. Everything gets also included in resulting source package.
  • Kernel packager makes kernel source package first, then builds it in /usr/src/ so resulting links from /lib/modules point correctly to the source.
  • All inclusive Xen-source package is downloaded, but the following configuration in tools/Makefile (target ioemu-dir-find: ioemu-dir/xen-setup) is skipped, resulting in cleaner source.orig.

TODO:   Mark Pryor mailed me a patch http://paste.ubuntu.com/544701/ to enable builds on the coming Ubuntu Natty. No time this time. If you need it, it should not be to hard to place it into debian/patches/ and add it to debian/patches/series.

Tested building all releases 4.0.[01].rc* on Ubuntu 9.10 and 10.04, running Xen-4.0.1 Domain-0 on Ubuntu 9.10 due to local graphic card driver issue.

Run by

mkdir xen4x; cd xen4x
wget -q -O - \
https://virtualusr.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/mk-xen40x-1101032202.doc | \
catdoc > .sh; sh .sh

#build xen-hypervisor # debian/bin/packageXen40x.sh
#build xen-kernel     # debian/bin/kpkgXenKernel.sh

More usage examples can be shown by:
head debian/bin/packageXen40x.sh
head debian/bin/kpkgXenKernel.sh

Comments are welcome.

Enjoy Ubuntu Xen4.0.1 server

Contrat Creative Commons

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2 Responses to Xen 4.0.*.rc* packager for Ubuntu

  1. Disco says:

    What’s the goal of this package ? Can it ‘automate’ xen 4 install on maverick for example ?

    • virtualusr says:

      Yes, the goal is to help to automate. I have never tried it on maverick, but I think it should work as nobody complained the opposite. It should even help with the coming natty if you manually apply one missing patch, something like:

      DEVEL=true debian/bin/packageXen40x.sh
      # cd to the suggested folder and run
      debian/rules setup
      # manually apply the patch http://paste.ubuntu.com/544701/
      # run
      dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

      PS: Note, not tested, might or might not work.

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